The ‘pump-out’ system

Most local residents have an antiquated ‘pump-out’ system, which was installed when the area was sub-divided and sold off as urban or house blocks. The system has a grease tank, and a holding tank for all waste water and sewerage from the house. You’d think that a 6,000 litre tank would be sufficient for a household of two for a month, and if you use water conservatively then it is ….. during the dry winter months! In summer when it rains, and as happened during the past couple of weeks when we had thunderstorms and a lot of rain, the holding tanks fill incredibly fast due to seepage into the tank, probably through a crack or hole. The horrifying thing is that it also leaks out of the tank once the rain stops. We are slightly higher than the neighbours behind us, and when we were chatting today the neighbour mentioned that they had TWO pump-outs within the week – that is unbelievable – 12,000 litres removed from the tanks within a week! And they were not the only local residents who had to call for an extra pump-out! The smell of sewerage wafted through the air and the sound of the pump-out trucks could be heard in the area during a couple of days!

The grease-tank and somewhere between it and the far wall is a holding tank, underground. a pipe then runs to the right parallel to the house and to the front garden and ends in a connector piece, which attaches to a tanker that removes the waste water/sewerage

Needless to say, residents are petitioning Council to install a more efficient system in the area! A few residents have taken matters into their own hands and invested in an expensive on-site sewerage facility, but the initial outlay is really costly.

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