Early days in the garden

Soon after we moved into our new home, we began cleaning up the garden. While some parts of the garden were tidy, other sections were totally overgrown! The back garden near our rainwater tanks in particular was smothered with Black-eyed Susan, a rampant climber (not if you try and cultivate it!), and as we removed it we discovered hidden taps, a compost bin and an old enamel bread bin!

Rampant Black-eyed Susan creeper
After the majority of the creeper was removed
The enamel Bread Bin which was hidden in the undergrowth

The front garden was a lot tidier, and when we arrived the azaleas were flowering, so it looked very pretty

After a month or so we decided that there were certain trees that needed to be removed. The first were the Tibochina that was near our rainwater tank, as its thick root was wrapping itself around our rainwater tank! There were also a couple of palms along our boundary and at the front of the house had to go as if they dropped their large fronds they could seriously injure someone. There were also a couple of damaged trees that needed to be removed. Our neighbours recommended a local tree feller, who came along and did a great job!

Cutting down a palm tree

Once all the initial clearing was completed we could get on and start planning and constructing the vegetable garden and revitalising the front garden!

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