Visiting ‘The Shambles’

Easter weekend 2019, and The Shambles, a private residence in Montville, opened its garden to the public for the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend! Entry to the private garden was gained by paying a small entry fee, the proceeds of which (along with other sales of tea, scones and plants) were donated to the Western Queensland Drought Fund.

The first thing that greeted us as we entered the garden was an old Ford, still in good condition! We started exploring the gardens, and did not get far before we had to dash for cover from the rain! It bucketed down! Luckily, once that scud had passed, we were able to explore the garden without having to rush for shelter again!

One section of the garden has been established under shady trees with mainly Begonias planted in the beds under the trees. Bromeliads, Tillandsias and orchids were attached to the trunks of many of the trees, and paths of crushed gravel led one on a lovely woodland walk.

Lovely tall cane Begonia
An interesting arch created using old bed head and footer

From the shady tree walk you are drawn across the garden to an interesting arch, leading to a sundial and the pool beyond. The sides of the arch are made of decorative re-purposed metal bed head and footer. The fence around the pool supports a number of roses (unfortunately none were blooming on the day).

Sundial and plantings create a soft foreground to the pool fence.
Beautiful flowers, and the rain made the leaves shine!

Meandering down to the bottom of the garden, you reach ‘Plough Inn’, a small cottage. What a wonderful little retreat to have in the garden! There were lots of very interesting things to see at the ‘Inn’.

Plough Inn
Lovely chairs on the verandah
Sign post
Some interesting artefacts under the old metal window hood
Wonderful sign!
Decorative old metal window hood – side view

The garden bed in front of the little cottage had a number of Salvia species growing in it, and a little model of a Kookaburra sitting on an old tree stump. In the background you can see an old hand-pump for drawing up water. At the edge of the garden bed in front of the Kookaburra were two sleeping wombats.

Kookaburra. Notice hand water-pump
Snoozing wombats
Another interesting garden arch leading to another section of the garden

Moving away from the little cottage, we meandered our way back up towards the entry to the garden, where the plant stall was.

Unusual hanging bird bath
Another beautiful Begonia, with the brilliant blue of Dichorisandra flowers in the background
An unusual fungus growing on the trunk of a tree
Lovely statue!
Lovely Lichen on the tree and notice the raindrop hanging at the end of an old leaf!

After we completed our stroll around the beautiful garden, we went to the little plant stall near the entrance to the garden. A lovely lady came over to assist us. Unfortunately some of the plants I was interested were sold out, but she offered to sell us cuttings at $2 for 2 ! What a bargain! And seeing as I had just potted up all my cuttings the previous day, I was thrilled to be able to re-fill the cuttings pot up again! So off we went around the garden again, returning with an armful of lovely cuttings! A truly lovely outing for the day!

Beautiful yellow Salvia

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