Six on Saturday – W25/2019 – Inspiration!

This Six on Saturday takes a peep at a local garden that has become my inspiration. The garden is a woodland which has been planted so that no matter what the season, there is always some colour present. The garden beds along the boundary fence provide year through delight as the various bulbs and perennials flower. The majority of the garden itself is under a large tree canopy which provides shade and protection from the north and west against the harsh summer sun. There are two vegetable gardens, one is totally enclosed with mesh to keep out the Bower Birds, and the other is not enclosed and contains the larger crops like pumpkins which do not need protection from the birds and possums. There is a small open area close to the house for the pool, and this also allows the sun to shine in and warm up the patio in winter. The house has large windows which provide good views out to the garden. Another plus is that there is very little lawn to mow.

  1. Woodland paths

There are numerous pathways meandering through the garden to lead you through the woodland areas. These paths are just hardened soil. The path splits around a small succulent bed in a little patch of sun. The tree canopy has grown so much that the succulents are becoming a little leggy trying to reach for more light.

2. The Garden Shed

As you meander through the garden you come to this little potting shed which is the perfect foil on which to display all the owners memorabilia from her childhood and family farm. There is the iron bath that she used when she was little, her Dad’s old gardening tools and a lantern from the old house. To the right of the shed is the ‘bush house’ covered with shade cloth, where the propagated plants grow until ready for planting out.

3. The Dunny

This quirky dunny comes with resident redback spiders (not real!) and represent two of Australia’s icons!

4. Orchids

A beautiful striped bromeliad attracts the eye and then you notice the lovely tree trunk which has been used to display a number of orchids. The garden shed can be seen in the background.

5. Gazebo

This gazebo was rescued locally and set up in the garden, and a structure made of old bed heads and painted red was set in the middle to provide support to a large climber. The climber covers the entire roof of the gazebo. A little concrete urchin stands in front of the supporting structure holding a birdbath.

6. Old hand water pump

This old hand pump came from the farm and it has been used, along with a vintage ‘copper boiler’, to create a lovely water feature. The water flows out of the old pump, into a bucket and then overflows into the old copper. The addition of rocks, a kookaburra statue and two ducks provides a tranquil water feature next to the house. [The simplest version of a old copper was a bucket shaped hand beaten container, with a lip that curved outwards. This was used to boil up water to do the washing. It was about 10 gallon in size and were placed on the outside fire and filled with water. Two people picked up the pot by placing two sticks under the lip on either side of the pot and together they lifted it.]

That’s it for my Six on Saturday. Happy Gardening through the coming week.

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