Nambour is a small centre on the Sunshine Coast, established around 1870. The A1 (Bruce Highway, which runs along the eastern side of the continent) used to go through the centre of the town, along Currie Street, but today the modern freeway bypasses the town. Nambour is our closest centre, offering a hospital, basic services and shops, and an agricultural show grounds.

Unfortunately Nambour centre currently has many empty shop along the main street, giving the overall appearance of being run-down. However, just a street or two away from Currie Street there are some little hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

The first stop on our walk into town was at a quaint little coffee shop called ‘Brown Sugar Expresso’. The cafe opens early and closes early to mid-afternoon, catering mainly for workers. It is conveniently located in the same block as the local Council offices and the Library. The food is gluten free and vegan. The seating was quaint, and old furniture has been used throughout the cafe.

We walked down the main street (Currie Street), turning right into Lowe Street, which leads to the Woolworths centre, one of two small shopping malls in Nambour. Some of the lanes and side streets are nicely decorated.

Some of the interesting art down a lane off Lowe Street

Nambour has two main supermarkets, namely Woolworths and Coles. Woolworths is located in the older shopping centre in town, while Coles is in the new shopping centre, on the site where the old sugar cane mill once stood. All that remains of the old mill are the old crushers that are on display at the roundabout at Mill Street and Mill Lane. They are quite impressive!

Continuing down Lowe Street we found some decorative light poles.

One of the lamp posts in Lowe Street, with a laser cut pattern on it

Just off Lowe Street is Queen Street with shops decorated in a retro and vintage theme. These are also part of the Nambour Retro and Vintage Trail. The street furniture in Queen Street is as unique and interesting as the shops themselves!

Queen Street – lovely well maintained paving patterns, benches and planters
Light bollard in Queen Street
Knitting bombing of trees along Queen Street
Some graffiti at the entrance to a car park
Another view of the car park art
Queen Bee, with workers in tow leading from the hexagonal shapes in colour representing the hive
Knitting bombing of a street tree
Looking down Queen Street
Neat planter box and bench along Queen Street
Ice cream parlour, and the little tricycle and bicycle in the shop are decorated with knitting
Up-cycling of old gumboots
Looking down Queen Street
Sir Loin outside the butcher shop
Decorative guttering
Husk and Honey – vintage newspapers used as wall paper
Old bicycle and tin sieves above the entrance to Husk and Honey
Inside Husk and Honey

After ‘refuelling’ at Husk and Honey, we headed back to collect the car, this time walking on the opposite side of Currie Street admiring the decorative mosaics surrounding a plaque which provide some of the history of shops along Currie Street.

Currie Street
Mosaics along the footpath
An intriguing bookshop, Nambour Book Exchange, is in the basement of a building in Currie Street
Currie Street, with decorative bollard, and Photinia ‘Red Robin’ planted behind

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