Six on Saturday – W26/2019 – Vegetables in June

This past week has seen unseasonably high rainfall on The Range. We have had over 100 mm rain over 5 days (over 4 inches), and our back garden is soggy. In fact, you can hear the excess water trickling down through the grass to the bottom of the garden. There are puddles everywhere!

On to today’s Six on Saturday which involves a visit to the vegetable garden. Now this is definitely not my domain; the man of the house is in control here!

  1. Celery

Celery plants are still growing well. These were planted in summer, and they are still flourishing despite being in shade most of the day now that it is winter. We only harvest what we need at the time, a stalk from each plant, rather than removing an entire plant.

2. Salad greens

We grow a variety of salad greens, and this little bed contains a mixture of lettuce (cos and oak leaf), rocket and three broad bean plants. The broad beans are growing very slowly indeed! We also harvest the lettuce taking only a leaf or two off each plant at a time. The plants last longer this way.

3. Winter greens

We bought two plugs each of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and tatsoi (an Asian green) and potted each up into a small pot until the seedling was nicely established and then we planted them out into the vegetable garden. This bed has broccoli, cabbage, rocket and a swiss chard in the front, young snow peas growing up the weld-mesh support and at the back some shallots, a tatsoi in the far corner and a young cos lettuce.

4. Parsley

This parsley plant is ‘Moss Curled’ and is doing well amongst the beetroot plants. There are some shallots to its left.

5. Purple King beans

The last of the Purple King climbing beans on their support structure. We had a really good crop of these beans this season but there are only two bean pods left to harvest. The plants will be removed to the compost and the bed prepared for snow peas or broad beans. Unfortunately this support structure is in shade during winter, but the broad beans we planted there last winter thrived!

6. Chokos

The choko vine has now ceased production for the season. It took a long time to establish and then suddenly from about mid-summer it just started growing like crazy, covering the concrete water tanks and smothering the passion fruit vine to the left. We had a good crop off the vine, maybe some 30-40 chokos – fantastic for a first crop!

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  1. Everything’s looking so healthy. I’m impressed w/how well you’ve used your space – that diagonal wire support for the beans w/other things planted either side, lots of upward growth as well. The eating must be fine in your house.

    • We do have a good climate up here and most plants thrive! Although it is winter here, days can warm up to early 20s (degree Celcius) and the lowest temperature here so far this winter was about 6. And no frost! We are so lucky. We have a support system in a number of the veggie beds. The only things lacking at the moment are the Marigolds and other bee flowers which we scatter through the garden to encourage the good bugs.

    • We are lucky to have warm winter days here and no frost, which certainly helps. Rockhampton, where we lived before our big move here 2 years ago, has a terribly hot and humid summer in which not many vegetables grow. Winter is the main growing season there. Down here it gets a lot cooler, and we actually have a winter (though not as cold as your winters) so we can grow a bigger variety of veggies. The extra rain we have had has also boosted growth!

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