A quick visit to Noosa Botanic Gardens

As we drove to Cooroy from Noosa mid-July, we made a snap decision to pop in to Noosa Botanic Gardens to see what the Gardens had to offer. We parked in the car park nearest the entrance to the Gardens, wandered down to the Macdonald Dam which forms one of the boundaries of the Gardens, and then went into the Gardens.

Entrance to the Noosa Botanic Gardens near the amphitheatre

Creation of the gardens began in 1987 and their official opening took place in 1990. The gardens are about 8 hectares, and showcase both Australian native plants and exotics. There are some interesting features in the garden including the amphitheatre (which we visited), an open-air bush chapel, zen garden, and fern house, to name a few. The Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens are involved in maintenance, propagation and education programs.

Lovely stone retaining wall edging the footpath

Due to time constraints we only explored a small corner of the gardens which included the amphitheatre. As we entered the Gardens we followed the curved road alongside a lovely stone retaining wall on the right. To the left you could glimpse the dam through the Banksia and other native trees.

There were deciduous trees alive with autumn colours, and although it was almost the winter solstice, these trees seemed to be reluctant to shed their beautiful coats, and were hanging onto their leaves despite the gentle breeze. Not that I mind! The beautiful autumn colours provide a pleasant backdrop to the garden beds.

The garden bed to the right had been planted out with a variety of daisies: Gazania, Gaillardia, Felicia, Gerbera, Osteospermum to name but a few.

The garden bed of daisies

As we approached the amphitheatre we came across this row of palms growing alongside the path.

Adjacent to the stairs leading to the amphitheatre were some plants which I’m only guessing are Phormium sp. (please let me know if I am wrong). A couple of these plants had flowering stalks of around 3 metres high, with the buds just opening. When we climbed the stairs to the amphitheatre we found we were at eye level with these buds!

Phormium sp. (??) with new flowering stalk emerging
Stairs to the amphitheatre
Flower bud opening
The amphitheatre with a view to Macdonald Dam
Bougainvillea – amazing colour
Alocasia (?) surrounded by a light green leaved pelargoniums
Albizia lebbeck (?) tree with unusual pods
A drift of fallen leaves
Lovely autumn colours
Magnificent Euphorbia sp.
Flower stalk of an Aloe
Tranquil corner in the garden
Rhodoleia championii – Hong Kong Rose. Grows to about 6 metres – one of the few plants that was labelled.

Our quick stop over at the gardens has made us want to return to explore them some more. As we drove towards the exit I managed to snap off a couple more photos of the gardens….

This palm is flowering. After the berries fall off or are eaten by birds, the old inflorescence falls off. I have a friend who has uses these old inflorescences to weave some interesting baskets.

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