Six on Saturday – W35/2019 – Vegetables in August

This week’s Six on Saturday involves a quick visit to the vegetable garden! 1.Cauliflower

This is the first time we have grown cauliflower, and only planted three cauliflower seedlings, just to see if they would grow in our garden. Success! They are finally ready for harvesting.

2. Broad Beans

The broad beans have finally taken off, suddenly showing a spurt of growth and producing lots of flowers. We had a bumper crop last spring, with plants growing to over two metres tall, and if these plants continue to thrive then it looks as if we might get a bumper crop this year too!

3. Sugar snap peas

We planted three lots of peas, each at a different time, and the peas have provided us with a steady crop for a month now. Mr S planted a fourth crop today, but the chickens discovered the newly dug soil and went to town scratching and looking for bugs. He had to replant the seedling and while he was away getting a net to protect the seedlings, the chickens sneaked in and started scratching up the newly planted pea seedling again! Gardening can be challenging!

But wait! What’s this I see??

On closer inspection…..

We found the culprits! It’s not the chickens this time, but the King Parrots! Not even a strategically placed scarecrow seems to deter them! Time to protect the peas again!

4. Chard

The swiss chard and rainbow chard plants are growing nicely, providing us with a steady supply of greens.

5. Rocket

The rocket crop grew well again this winter, but has now gone to seed! We love the tang the leaves add to salads.

6. Mustard ‘Ruby Streaks’

Another plant which adds variety to salads, both in colour and taste. It is growing nicely in a bed along with parsley, chard and sugar snap peas.

Well, that is my Six for Saturday. Please visit the home of ‘Six on Saturday’ at to discover what is happening in other gardens around the world.


  1. Broad beans are such good plants, aren’t they? And your cauliflower- magnificent! I can imagine some delicious meals coming up with your produce.

    • We love the broad beans, and have just finished off last years crop (frozen), so hope that we get another bumper crop this year! We thoroughly enjoy eating our fresh produce!

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