Six on Saturday – W43/2019 – Colour in garden in October

Despite the final adieu from spring, there is still some colour in the garden. No more the vibrant oranges and yellows of spring. Instead we have the muted tones of whites and pinks. As the temperatures increase and the first welcome rains of the season fell, the Amaryllis (Hippeastrums) have started to bloom, sending up their spectacular flowers ahead of the leaves. We have been treated to magnificent white and candy stripe blooms. The blood red blooms should hopefully appear soon.

The beautiful flowers of the native nodding violet, Streptocarpus caulescens, appear at the end of long flower stems and bob up and down in the breeze – hence the plants common name. This little pot of them sits in the cool shade of the tree fern just outside the front door. I really need to do some cuttings of this plant for hanging baskets.

This year is my first attempt at growing foxgloves, and I’m thrilled with the results! I bought a punnet of seedlings with at least three plants per division, and divided and potted up each seedling individually, then planted them in one of the newly constructed garden beds in the front garden. What a show they are creating!

In amongst the foxgloves I planted double petunias, which I bought as seedlins, and they too are looking spectacular with the tiny white alyssum showing them off beautifully!

In another little garden bed created earlier this year, there is a central bottlebrush (Callistemon) surrounded by a mix of self-seeded Coreopsis and butterfly bush (Gaura lindheimeri). Hidden at the one end of the bed is a little surprise…. some native ground orchids. The ground orchids (Spiranthes sinensis) were growing in the lawn and as we had decided to replace all the lawn with garden beds, I dug up all the orchids I could find and planted them at the end of this garden bed. This year 6 of the 8 or so plants are flowering. The flower spikes are only about 10-15 cm high.

The garden bed with a little hidden surprise!
Spiranthes sinensis. The dainty little flowers spiral around the flower stalk.

Yet another new garden bed in the front garden with surprise! This rampant self-sown pumpkin is taking over! It looks luxurious and is a providing a living mulch for the bed, so we decided to leave the pumpkin in the front garden!

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