Six on Saturday – W45/2019 – Where are the tomatoes?

We experienced some very hot days during the week, and a fire ban is in place. There are a couple of serious fires threatening some local communities. Today, Saturday, is very hazy, partly from smoke particles from the big fires, and partly from dust blowing in the from the west.

Because of the heat we have been watering plants daily. The wind dries them out very quickly. We lost a couple of potted seedlings, and have had to cover the newly planted seedlings with upside-down pots to help them through the drying conditions. Despite the gruelling heat there is still some colour in the garden.

The first splash of colour comes from the tropical rhododendron, Vireya ‘Cara Mia’. Following the advice of a local gardener, I planted a Vireya that I purchased into a pot instead of directly into the ground, and placed the pot under the feathery fronds of the tree fern, where it remained for almost a year. A couple of weeks ago I decided to move the pot under a Tibouchina tree where it is more open but still shady, and was rewarded by these beautiful flowers!

Our cherry tomatoes have been disappearing faster than they ripen! Every morning we find the shells of the tiny fruit on the ground. We know who the culprits are….. at first they ate the peas out of their pods, now they are devouring the tomatoes! Luckily they are such beautiful and entertaining birds, so they are easily forgiven …..

Male King Parrot

The single petunias that I planted out towards the end of summer are still flowering. The markings on the petals are particularly striking.

It’s that King Parrot again! I bet he is still looking for the tomatoes!

The day lilies I was given last summer have just bloomed and I have discovered that I have two colours.

This is a seed head of my bright orange Gerbera. I should try and germinate the seeds

He is still there! He is certainly determined to find those tomatoes!

The foxgloves have done amazingly well and are nearing the end of their flowering period. The flower stalks are around a metre in height.

I don’t know where you hid those tomatoes, but I’m not impressed!

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  1. Hard to see those parrots as a pest when they look so cheery. A pigeon wouldn’t get a break. Lovely foxgloves, I just got some seeds delivered, looking forward to growing again.

    • They are such beautiful birds! And such characters too! My foxgloves have produced a lot of seedpods, so I’m hoping to collect some seed from them when the capsules ripen.

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