Six on Saturday – W1/2020 – Happy New Year

The first Saturday of the New Year, and my first blog after a long absence – due mainly to work commitments. Seasons Greetings to everyone, and best wishes for a happy gardening year!

Our best Christmas gift was receiving 7mm of rain on Christmas Day, breaking a long drought. In total, over 3 days, we received 22mm (just under an inch) of rain. The rain settled all the smoke particles that have been hanging in the air for the past couple of months, and greened up the countryside. Our two water tanks are both full again. We were thankfully spared the devastation of the recent bushfires, and survived the drought.

Since the rain the days have been cooler, and my gardening spirit has lifted. The garden has taken on a new lease of life, and I have been planting out some of the almost pot-bound cuttings I propagated a few months ago.

And now it’s back into the garden ….

Gaura– Butterfly bushes

These plants self-seed readily, and have claimed this part of the garden as their own. It’s the ‘wild corner’ of the garden, and the wands of flowers wave and flow over into the pathway. I have had to trim back some so that we can walk down the path without disturbing the little bees that love the flowers so much.

Sunburnt plants

Some of my newly planted areas have had casualties because of the high temperatures. The highest temperature was 40C. The sun’s heat has been relentless and some plants have been scorched. I made the mistake of planting these bromeliads in a sunnier spot, and it has been too hot for them. I also lost an Echenacia plant to the heat.


This particular pineapple plant is growing in a pot in semi shade and gets watered regularly. It is flourishing. The other Eucomis plants that have been planted directly into the ground have only just sent out leaves, with no sign of flowers.

Helichrysum petiolare

All the Helichrysum in the garden originated from a single plant I bought a couple of years ago. The silver foliage provides a good contrast to neighbouring plants. It seems to flourish equally well in cool and hot conditions, and has scrambled over an azalea to enjoy the shade of the Banksia rose trellis. I will have to trim it soon.


The roses are loving the dry sunny days. However,when the temperatures got into the upper 30C, they began to wilt. I mulched around each rose plant, including those in pots, and they seemed to respond well, and are flowering again.

Rose – Duchesse Brabant (known locally as the Montville Rose)
Polyantha Rose – Pink Delight
Polyantha Rose – Pink Blush


I had a varied success rate last year with cuttings taken from a neighbours garden. I use a sandy mix to strike cuttings, and I had 2 polystyrene boxes and 3 medium sized pots full of rooted cuttings at the beginning of spring. The cuttings have been potted up and are now growing well, but I have not been game to plant them out in the searing summer heat. However, during the last couple of cool days I planted out quite a few of the plants and have de-cluttered the growing area quite a lot. There are still many more plants needing to be planted out……

That’s my Six for the week. Visit The Propagator’s blog at to find out how you can join in and find out what is happening this week in gardens around the world.


  1. Your gaura is beautiful, so light & airy. Just love that photo of the white rose w/the red flowers behind it – penstamon? salvia? A lovely shot. So glad you got rain. Hope the reprieve lasts a little while.

    • Thank you! It’s a red salvia behind the white rose. We’re having some slightly overcast days, which takes the edge off the biting sun, but we all still desperately need rain, as the little we had has gone.

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