Six on Saturday – W9/2020 – Colour in February

After missing out on last week’s Six on Saturday due to work commitments (so much for semi-retirement!), my stroll around the garden this week has been inspiring! I really need to do some gardening this weekend, as it is time to start thinking about winter and spring flowers! If you are keen to see what other gardeners are doing around the world, then visit The Propagator blog to find out how!

There are so many new flowers to be seen in the garden at the moment that it made selecting six for this week very easy!

1 Hibiscus

The variety is unknown, as this plant was already in the garden when we bought it over two years ago. The shrub is under a Tibouchina tree, so is in shade most of the day. The flower is just bigger than my open hand, luckily, as the size certainly shows off the delicate pink colour.

2 Dahlia

This is dahlia number three, planted out mid-summer, and is flowering at last! What a gorgeous colour! The other two dahlias have not flowered as yet.

3 Golden Penda Xanthostemon chrysanthus

This tree is around 3 metres in height, quite dense and is in the garden bed bordering the road where it provides a dense screen for the garden. These rainforest trees belonging in the Myrtaceae family are fast growing, and are covered in clusters of bright golden flowers. Birds, bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers, and the mickeys, or noisy miners, spend most of the day sipping nectar from the flowers. These trees can reach 10 metres in height in the wild, but as they tolerate pruning they are an ideal plant for even a small garden.

Noisy Miner feasting on the nectar of the flowers of the Golden Penda

4 Bromeliad Aechmea blanchetiana

This sun loving bromeliad can grow to around 1m high, and has large yellow leaves with a flush of red.

5 Roses

Now that it has cooled down a lot the roses are blooming furiously! I have found that most roses grow better in pots, while the polyantha and Montville roses will tolerate being planted out in the garden beds.

A miniature rose, variety unknown, growing in the ground
Brindabella rose Raspberry Tiger (PRB) growing in a large pot
Mister Lincon rose bud. This rose is growing in a medium sized pot
Photo taken in January 2020 of mature blooms of Mr Lincon rose

6 Buddleja or Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

This little buddleia was grown as a cutting, and has been steadily getting taller and taller during summer in the garden bed nearest the road. It is only about 20cm high, and has just sent out its first bloom, which is peeping out through the Strobilanthes dyerianus. When I planted out the tiny buddleia cutting earlier this season I had no idea what colour the flowers would be. It is a coincidence that it matches the colour of Strobilanthes leaves!

Well, that’s it from me for this week! I’m off into the garden to get things done, before the mosquitoes come out and eat me alive!!


  1. That hibiscus is beautiful &, like yourself, I really like the colour of that dahlia. Very nice indeed. So wonderful, getting to see roses. Especially like the yellow one, altho Mr Lincoln is hard not to love. Great shot of the noisy miner, so engrossed in feeding, it didn’t know the paparazzi was close by.

    • The roses are as relieved as I am that the summer heat is almost over! They really battle, and come to life as it cools. I’ll be stalking more birds for this weeks Six!!

  2. Fabulous flowers on that Golden Penda which is a new plant for me. Your garden is looking lush and healthy.

    • The Golden Penda flowers are spectacular. They have used some as street trees in the village, and I have seen a couple of trees in the forest too. Thankfully the garden has recovered well thanks to the recent rain.

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