Six on Saturday – W11/2020 – Seedlings and cuttings

I’m running late with this post! Luckily with the time difference I have a few extra hours up my sleeve…..

This week has been fairly busy with pricking out seedlings, putting in more cuttings and planting up some rooted cuttings. As it is still showering on and off during the day, I moved the wheelbarrow of potting mix onto the back verandah so that I could stay reasonably dry (definitely not clean!) whilst doing these chores!

Some of the seeds I sowed recently has germinated and the little seedlings need to be pricked out and planted into bigger pots. I spent an afternoon doing all the Cosmos seedlings, and started on the Calendula ones. Still oh so many seedlings left to pot up.

Number 2 for this week is the Tibouchina, which is blooming all around the district at the moment. There are 4 trees in our garden, all along the Northern fence line.

Number 3 features the ginormous leaves of the New Guinea Banana plant that we purchased two years ago. You can just see the start of the development of a flower and we are excited to know that we just might get a crop of our very own home grown bananas!

Huge banana leaves with the neighbour’s flowering Tibouchina in the background

4. The passion fruit vine is finally growing ! It has been in the ground for over a year, not doing much. Then during spring and summer the possums came and ate the tips of all the young shoots, which was a huge setback for the vine. Now look at it grow!

Passion fruit vine, with Specks and Teacup just in front of the trellis

I have also been busy topping up my potted plants with a mix of potting soil and cow manure. They have certainly appreciated that!

Bright green Ipomea contrasts well with the beautiful dark red colours of Iresine herbsti

And finally, my small raised herb bed, just outside the back door. The Thai basil is extremely prolific, and can swamp the rest of the bed unless it is kept trimmed. The large leaves are Taro, which is a first-time vegetable for both of us.

Taro, Thai Basil, Savoury and perennial leeks

Ever wondered what was happening in gardens on the other side of the globe? Well, take a look at The Propagator site for an interesting read and maybe you will be inspired to join us!


  1. Another Brit here marvelling at the tibouchina. The leaves of the Tara are pretty impressive too. Are you growing it as an edible or for the foliage?

  2. Wow, the Tibouchina is quite amazing. What a beautiful colour. In your garden I’m seeing all the fabulous plants that I’ll never be able to grow in mine!

    • Thank you. The Tibouchina is lovely, but does have its problems: aggressive root system, and spines on its leaves….some of which came loose when a leaf or two fell into the back of my shirt, and Mr S removed 8 spines from my back!

  3. Of all the plants I’ve seen growing in gardens in Australia, Tibouchina could be the one I most wish we could grow outdoors here, (note to self, be careful what you wish for) We really have nothing remotely like it in the large shrub line.

    • I have to admit that when we bought this place, I was very excited to see the Tibouchina….so many of them in the garden and around the village. That was until we started cleaning up, and discovered that a Tibouchina was slowly wrapping its thick root around our one water tank! S the tanks are our source of water for the house, we quickly had it and a couple more removed from the back garden. They certainly seem to have aggressive root systems – in my experience. I’ve also had a couple of leaves fall into my shirt when we were pruning them, and I ended up with 8 spines stuck into my back. But other than that, their colour is so deep and vivid. BTW, I drove past the eco nursery in Maleny today, and once the “social distancing” is no longer required, I will go back and spend some time there.

  4. The purple of that tibouchina goes perfectly w/the shades of green in your garden. Love the potted plants w/their resident giraffe. Your own bananas – how fantastic!

    • The purple is really striking, and some Tibouchina have a deeper purple than others. My poor giraffe need an overhaul….good task for winter, or while we stay at home for the next month or so. The development of those bananas will be updated.

    • Really beautiful colour, isn’t it? Over here I find the root system a bit invasive, and the leaves very prickly. But they are well worth it for their flowers.

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