Six on Saturday – W12/2020 – Frog, new project, colour

What an interesting week it has been! ‘Isolating’ ourselves as much as possible by staying home, we have made a start on some long overdue projects. At work many of the holiday bookings have been cancelled, which means we have even more time up our sleeves!

Firstly, I must mention the two exciting discoveries of the week. The first was spotting the cutest little frog, sitting on a lemonade tree leaf.

Tiny frog on the lemonade tree
We gently picked up the frog and hid it in the cucamelon vine for its safety.

No photo of the second! The chickens Teacup and Specks spotted a young red-bellied black snake, slithering around in between my potted plants on the verandah, centimetres away from my sleeping dog Gracie! Although only 15cm long, this youngster is as deadly as a full grown adult snake. We put the dog inside, shooed the chickens away, and then hosed the snake with water. It disappeared very quickly. I will have to be more wary now when I potter amongst my plants.

2. The Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus, is blooming. All three plants are in flower. The buds open up into a magnificent white double flower, which lasts for a day, then the petals turn pink and gradually shrivel up into a pink ball.

The three phases of the flower: the bud opens into a white flower, which turns pink the following day (pink flower to the right), then starts shrivelling up (pink flower to the left)
Newly opened flower
Day old flower

3. The bed along the shed is finally looking great. When we had the sides of the shed put in we had to remove a rather large Murraya paniculata. It had huge roots, and being so close to the pump out storage tanks, we realised it had to go. Once the sides of the shed were put in, I planted out a few shrubs to try and soften the stark look of the shed. The Buddleia and Brazilian Red Cloak plant, Megaskepasma erythrochlamys, have grown slowly during the past summer, but both are now flowering.

Brazilian Red Cloak

4. Tropical Rhododendron, Vireya

I first noticed a Vireya when visiting the old Maleny Cheese Factory, before it was burnt down. The Vireya was one growing next to the building and it had the most beautiful flowers. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before I bought myself a plant, planted it in a ceramic pot, and this is now the second year that it has flowered.

5. Seedlings galore!

I am still pricking and planting out the seedlings that germinated a few weeks ago. Some of the seedlings are getting almost too big to transplant, and I really need to finish this project so that I can sow other annual seeds. So far I have 5 trays full of potted up seedlings, including the pansy and viola seedlings that I purchased and transplanted into larger pots. It was also interesting to hear that one of the local nurseries has completely sold out of vegetable seedlings well before the weekend. Not only that, one of the local farmers market stalls that has seedlings sold out before the market had even officially begun today. Finally the population is worried about their food sources and are making an effort to grow their own.

Seedlings – Bee mix and Calendula

6. A new garden project

Now that the days are becoming cooler, and I am spending more time at home, I have embarked on the next project in the front garden. The section close to the house needs to have a path put in to run from the main front path, under the arch and to the side gate, which leads into the back garden. The garden bed to the side of the front door will need to be revamped and enlarged. The existing tree fern is now really large, so I will have to be careful that I do not damage its root system. I am amazed at the size of the horizontal root system it has. It is spread at least half a metre from the trunk. As I am only working on this project every now and then, it will take a few weeks to complete.

Under construction! The grass will be removed and a path of hardwood chip put in.
This garden bed will be revamped!

That is all for this week’s Six on Saturday. It is now time to head over to The Propagator‘s blog to see what he and others have been up to in their gardens during the week.


  1. Oh what a cute frog. The Brazilian Red Cloak and Tropical Rhododendrons is a new one on here. What a cute little frog that is. We get nothing like that over here. I did let out a whoop when J saw my first Bumble Bee yesterday, it was massive I swear it was the size of my fist!

  2. I didn’t know that about the Hibiscus, interesting to learn about their three stages, and that quite extreme colour change that it goes through. This is another plant that can’t grow in my garden, but one that I can definitely admire.

    The Vireya is beautiful – very delicate colours. Another plant that is new to me!

    You look as though you have a lot of work ahead of you with your new garden project. Good luck with it, I expect we’ll all get to see it when you have it finished! 😁

  3. The Rose of Sharon is an interesting plant with its colour changing flowers, and you have many other beautiful flowers from the Vireya and the Megaskepasma too. I think we are seeing a world wide surge in vegetable growing as a result of this crisis. I’m trying to grow more this year than I usually would.

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