Six on Saturday – W16/2020 – April colour to cheer

It’s hard to believe that Saturday has arrived so quickly….where did the week go?

This weeks focus is on what is flowering in the garden in April. Definitely no bugs this week! As winter approaches, growth is slowing, but there are still some lovely colours in the garden to add some cheer.

Firstly, the aloe, possibly Aloe maculata. These plants were out at a local garage sale a couple of years ago. They are tough plants and seem to handle the heat and humidity of summer. When I look at them I have pleasant memories of home, where they lit up the surroundings dry grasslands with brilliant colour during winter.

Number 2 for this week is the Brazillian Red Cloak, Megaskepasma erythrochlamys. This particular shrub was yet another rescue plant from the local nursery. I planted it out around November last year, and at last it is flowering profusely.

3. This Salvia was given to me by a local lady who has since relocated to a retirement village. Her garden has been my inspiration (see more on this garden in one of my earlier posts), and before she left she gave me cuttings galore plus some of her garden ornaments. Her garden was originally created and owned by a couple who ran a nursery, and consequently it has a myriad of plants. This particular cutting has finally settled down where I planted it and is now looking spectacular. The closest I came to identifying it is Salvia leucantha ‘Santa Barbara’. If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know what you think it is.

Did I say no bugs for this post??? That cheeky little spider is photo bombing!

4. Camellias. There were two existing Camellia shrubs in the northerly side garden bed when we moved in the house in 2017. As a result of the frequent watering and fertilising they now receive, they are both flourishing. The largest bush has about 4 open red flowers on it, and the smaller bush has only 1 open pink flower right at the top, but is covered with buds. I am looking forward to the day when all the buds open.

5. Hemerocallis x hybrid ‘Stella D’Oro’ – mini day lily

This miniature day lily arrived by post from an online nursery in Victoria, and I planted it out along the edge of one of the west garden beds which I had just extended. Apart from the nearby little Polygala nearly swamping it, I have extended the bed even further, so it is no longer at the edge of the garden bed. As it is a mini, I have planted it in at the border of the new bed I am creating next to the house. The bed that includes the tree fern. It has settled in nicely and has sent out a couple of flowers already.

6. Colourful seedlings. Some of the seedlings I planted out into plastic boxes and garden beds have started to flower, adding further cheer to the garden!

Many thanks to The Propagator ( for hosting the Six on Saturday. Take a look at his blog to see other Six on Saturday posts of gardens from around the globe.


    • I usually use a Nikon D5200,a nd sometimes my phone. With the Nikon I reduce file size for the blog….still a learning curve for me on how to accommodate everything in the media storage… Slowly getting there.

  1. Would love to be able to grow that aloe – ditto the salvia (although I’m afraid I can’t help out with the naming). A vibrant six! Thank you.

    • I thought the combination oh high humidity, high temperatures and a clay soil would not support an aloe. I put in some larger rocks, added a soil and sand mix to build up the bed in between the rocks, and I think that definitely helped establish the aloe. With those flowers I think it was well worth the effort!

      • It certainly was worth the effort! They are lovely. Maybe I should give them a go. We seem to be experiencing higher winter temps at the moment.

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