Six on Saturday – W24/2020 – Winter project

This has been an unusually wet winter, which for us is great as it means our water tanks are full! We rely on the rainwater for domestic use, so Mr. S has been cleaning out gutters and the first flush so that only clean rainwater enters the tanks. The remainder of the week has been spent weeding, trimming shrubs, and general tidying up of the garden.

This week also saw the completion of one of the projects I lined up for winter. I have been working on it for a couple of months now, and now it is has been completed, I am pleased with the result. This weeks Six on Saturday is all about this project.

1. Overview. This is the area that I have been working on. The project involved defining the garden beds, removing the lawn, and creating a pathway to the arch.

The start of the winter 2020 project

2. Progress to the right. I began by defining a border to the garden bed nearest the house using bricks. Once this was complete I added more soil, cow manure and sand to raise the level of the bed, and added some rocks and even a lovely piece of old hardwood to create pockets of extra height.

3. Progress to the left. The bed to the left of the path also needed definition, and I edged that with bricks as well. More of my soil/manure/sand mix was added, along with some annuals, small Muscari bulbs and two Hippeastrum bulbs were planted. I added a wire mesh support along the edge of the path and planted some Greenfeast peas.

4. Removing the lawn and putting down weed mat. This is the second last patch of lawn in the front garden to remove. Firstly, I dug out all the grass. The remaining soil was good quality, so when I levelled off the area for a path I removed the excess soil, added cow manure, potting mix and sand to it and used the mix to pot up some cuttings.

Digging out the grass

Once the lawn was removed and the soil levelled, weed matting was installed to prevent any pieces of grass from growing.

Weedmat in place

5. Completing the pathway. Once the weed matting was in place we brought in a load of hardwood chip and put this down as the pathway.

The completed path

6. Next couple of projects. There are still two projects that I need to complete before the end of winter. The first is planting up the lovely old piece of hardwood I found. I am still undecided as to whether to use it vertically to display bromeliads, or to lay it horizontal and plant succulents in it (this was my original idea, and I will probably do that).

Hollowed out piece of hardwood destined for greater things

The second project involves digging two holes, one for each of the old hardwood fencing posts I want to use as a feature and support system for the tree dahlia. The holes have to be dug in clay, and this one is full of rainwater from a day or so ago.

Hole for post filled with water after it rained, due to clay
Old hardwood fencing post

That is my Six for the week. If you head over to the Propagators blog you will find even more exciting gardening inspiration in the Six on Saturday!


  1. It looks beautiful! I love that there’s so much to look at in your beds, they contain so many plants and little surprises like the mushroom.

    • Thank you! I love too many plants and have to sneak them into every available space, hence the variety! It is winter here, but the best gardening months are from autumn to spring, just before the summer heat and humidity sets in, so most plants look good now.

  2. That’s been a lot of hard work, but worth it. The new path looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing how you use your piece of hardwood.

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