Maroochy River

Towards the end of May we decided to take the opportunity of eased COVID-19 restrictions and incorporated a scenic drive into a shopping trip for fresh fruit and vegetables. We drove along Bradman Drive which skirts the southern bank of the Maroochy River, and parked just past the Sunshine Motorway bridge. The river looked amazing as it sparkled in the sunlight. The sparkling water is a common sight down here during autumn and winter months probably due to the angle of the sun rays on the water. We went for a short stroll along the river bank, and as the tide was out, we were able to hop down onto the sand and explore.

Fishing enthusiasts near the Sunshine Coast Motorway bridge at The Cod Hole

There is a walkway/cycle path which skirts the river and there are plenty of benches conveniently placed just off the path so that people can sit and admire the view.

An old tree stump and the aerial root of plants add interest
Looking down into the shallow water, there are tiny holes in the sand made by Yabbies, the soft bodied small crayfish.
Yabbie holes
Ripples in the sand

The blue soldier crabs (Mictyris longicarpus) had been busy feeding on sand and they leave small round balls of sand around the entrances to their holes. They are fairly common along most Queensland beaches.

Looking across the river towards the North shore.
Looking along the river towards the mouth, Chambers Island can be seen. It is a popular spot for picnics, and can be accessed via a footbridge which links it to the mainland.
Chambers Island is to the left, and Bradman Drive to the right, with holiday flats at Picnic Point in the distance. The connecting footbridge is just behind the hire boats.

Refreshed and feeling relaxed after our short stop we continued towards Maroochydore.


  1. The Maroochy River area looks so inviting, and peaceful. I had to smile at the shot of the tree stump in the water, as last week a friend spotted a large, similar-shaped branch floating in the sea just offshore.

    She waded in, until the water was past her waist and floated it along to a nearby slipway where she dragged it out of the water and enlisted some help to get it into her (fortunately large) car, then soaking wet, she drove home. It’s now on display in her garden.

    Meantime, I will just daydream about the lovely blue skies and tranquility in your photographs.

    • It is generally peaceful and slow paced…..until weekends and holidays! Then it’s pretty busy, but a lovely alternative to the beach. I haven’t tried paddle boarding yet. Further along the the river at Cottontree is a small business that hires out the boards and teaches you how to do it…….I have been tempted, but I think I might just spend more time in the water than on the board.

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