Six on Saturday – W32/2020 – Pops of colour in a wintery garden

The garden is looking a little worse for wear after all the basic maintenance that’s just been done: pruning, weeding, mulching. There are however little pops of colour scattered through the garden to draw the eye. After the usual weekend chores I will be relaxing and doing some armchair travel around the globe to have a peep at what other gardeners are doing in their gardens. The host of these Six on Saturday memes is The Propagator, so pop over to his blog, have a look in the comments section for the gardening links, and if you’re inspired to join in, then check out the participant guide here.

Apologies for the poorer quality of photos this week! I used my iPad, not my camera.

1. Camellia

The pink Camellia has finished flowering but the red Camellia is still loaded with blooms. it adds a lovely bright splash of colour in the top most corner of the garden.

2. Streptosolen (Marmalade bush)

These plants have an open, arching and scraggly appearance, but when they flower they add a sunny splash of colour to the garden. Definitely a redeeming factor for keeping them.

3. Pot of colour

I have a couple of pots of flowering plants scattered around the garden to brighten things up. This particular pot has a yellow Gerbera, and a red flowering New Guinea Impatience with beautiful deep bronze foliage.

4. Osteospermum

The Osteospermum plants are flowering prolifically in the garden, adding some softer colour tones.

Osteospermuum and the taller Polygala

5. Azaleas

The Azaleas are just starting to bloom. The bushes that are planted in the ground, such as the one below, were in the garden when we arrived.

A minature double pink Azalea in a pot

6. Borders

In patches along the borders of the garden beds are viola, phlox and Angelonias, which add a splash of colour through the garden.

The phlox flowers were flattened a little by last night’s rain

Until next Saturday, here’s wishing you all a happy gardening week! Stay safe!


  1. For a winter garden, you still have plenty of colour. Your Azalea looks large and has so many buds, it’s going to look fantastic very soon. I’m hoping to add an azalea to one of my borders, just as soon as I can see a variety that I like, there’s not many in stock at the moment. The foliage of the New Guinea Impatience is fabulous and sits well with the colour of the flower. Nature certainly knows what she’s doing. 😊

    • I agree with your comment about nature knowing what she is doing! I don’t think I have come across a clash of colour in nature! Thank you for your kind comments. I looked at my garden and it just seemed to be so bare! I have noted since Saturday that there are definitely signs of spring in the air. The red cedar tree has tiny new shoots on it, and the scent of jasmine is filling the air. Things are looking up indeed!

    • I find the Gerbera very rewarding plants. The flowers are so cheery, and although I have lost a few plants (due to lack of water), the hardy ones that have survived just keep on flowering! They are well worth a try!

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