Six on Saturday – W35/2020 – New Growth peeking through

Come, come into my garden with me…..

New growth of the Elkhorn

These newly unfurling elkhorn fern fronds look as if they are beckoning – come and join us for a brief tour of the garden to see what other new plant growth is peeping through.

Just past the elkhorn is a garden arch leading into the front garden. This arch supports two climbing roses, one of which is full of new burgundy-coloured growth. This rose is Blossomtime, which produces beautiful delicately perfumed flowers in two shared of pink.

New growth of Blossomtime rose

Skiting past the garden arch and taking a shortcut along the dry riverbed leads us to a deformed liquidamber tree. This rescue tree will never reach its full shape as its apical growth was damaged, but I do not mind the different shape of the tree as long as it provides some well needed summer shade to that part of the garden.

New growth on the liquidamber tree

Further along in the next garden bed is one of my native Grevilleas which has some lovely flower buds developing at the tips of its branches. This is Grevillea ‘Flamingo’ which reportedly can have up to 13 flowers on one branch, resulting the branch arching down and looking like flamingos that are feeding! There are numerous Grevillea species in the wild that are already in full flower and they look spectacular. The ones in my garden seem to be lagging behind.

New growth on Grevillea ‘Flamingo’

One of three dwarf Crepe Myrtles, or Pride of India, Lagerstroemia indica that only grow to a height of 70cm and a width of 120cm has some lovely new orange tinged growth. As these are dwarf varieties, I have placed each plant in a different garden bed nearer the house.

New growth on a Lagerstroemia

And finally for this week, some flower power! Across the dry river bed from the liquidamber is a new plant I bought in yet another moment of weakness! And when you see the flower you will understand why I succumbed! This little Dahlia is looking a little ‘awkward’ in its new spot, so I do hope it settles in, produces lots of new growth and then flowers profusely!

That is it for my Six this week. After the usual weekend chores I will be relaxing and doing some armchair travel around the globe to have a peep at what other gardeners are doing in their gardens. The host of these Six on Saturday memes is The Propagator, so pop over to his blog, have a look in the comments section for the garden links, and if you’re inspired to join in, then check out the participant guide here.


  1. I’ve fast-forwarded (courtesy of google) your Blossomtime climbing rose to take a look at the flowers – and they’re beautiful. I hope it won’t be too long before it’s in full bloom for you.

    The Grevillea ‘Flamingo’ is also going to be fabulous when it flowers – 13 flowers per branch is amazing. It’s very delicate looking right now.

  2. I love the way the first growth is such a perfect visual reminder of the promise of the growing season to come!

  3. New growth is always so wonderful. It’s such a wonderful visual reminder of the promise the next year of growth holds.

  4. That’s a lovely choice of six this week, a chara. I’m taken with the dahlia. The flower is looking really well. Here’s hoping that it will thrive for you. Have a great week.

    • The Elkhorns are native to Queensland, and can be seen high up in trees in the forests. They can be magnificent. I inherited my plant when we moved here, and it is doing very well as I water it during periods of low rainfall. Emerging foliage can be very beautiful!

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