Six on Saturday – W43/2020 – Adding more summer colour

A lovely bright start to this week’s Six is provided by the heat loving and hardy Bidens ferulifolia ‘Red Eye’. “Heat, cold and drought tolerant once established” sounds too good to be true. I’m hoping this new plant thrives throughout our hot summer and provides us with much needed colour! It grows up to 30cm tall.

Next up is another Bidens, Bidens ferulifolia ‘Firelight’ also has bi-coloured flowers but this time a more subtle pink with white edges and a lovely bright yellow centre. This grows to 30cm.

Another beautiful Australian tree is Backhousia citriodora, the Lemon scented myrtle or lemon ironwood. This should grow into a medium shrub/small tree (up to 4metres in height). New growth is often red and there are profuse clusters of tiny buds at the ends of branches. These buds should open up into creamy white flowers which attract butterflies.

Backhousia flower buds

In fourth place is the another native , the Australian paper daisy, Bracteantha bracteata ‘Sundaze’. This plant is described as a very hardy and heavy flowering plant.

Last week I featured a kangaroo paw, and due to the success I have had growing that one, I could not resist this one with its lovely pale pink flowers, Anigozanthos hybrid ‘Bush Pearl’. The name ‘Bush Pearl’ alone makes it a must have! Although small at the moment, it can grow to 50cm tall.

Finally, Ixia viridiflora ‘Turquoise’, also recently acquired, was not quite the colour I expected! According to the photos of it the petals should be a turquoise colour, described as an “old fashioned colour rarely seen in contemporary gardens”. The specimen I have has produced white flowers instead of the turquoise ones. A bit of a disappointment that it is not true to type, but the white colour is pretty.

What began as an overcast day with lots of gardening potential rapidly changed just after 14:00 when the heavens opened, and we had thunder, lightening and even some hail. We had 20ml in 30 minutes, and there are more bands of heavy showers on the way. That has put paid to my planned afternoon gardening session! I’d like to think I can sit back and enjoy reading all the Six on Saturday posts, but if the electricity goes off again I will just have to do other mundane household chores instead.

As usual, a special thank you is sent to The Propagator for allowing us to share our weekly Six on Saturdays. To find out more, please visit his blog!


  1. I see you’ve been treating yourself to a few new plants! All very exciting and I hope they grow well for you. I think I’ve stopped buying for the winter, except perhaps to get an order in for dahlias, and… 😁

    Both Bidens are lovely, but I specially like “Red Eye’ and also your nice new pink Kangaroo Paw.

    Enjoy planting them all!

    • Thank you! In reality it is hard work due to the climate (heat and humidity) and clay soil! Hopefully once the plants have established then I can at least reduce the amount of water the plants need in summer. It is time to mulch, mulch, mulch…..

  2. How amazing is this rain band that’s occurring at the moment! It certainly covers a large area. We’ve had good rain too as have so many others. I had to move my k-paw and I divided it at the same time. Just hoping it survives.
    The ixia is pretty. Does the little turquoise dab in the middle of the flower count?

    • The rain is heavenly! How often do k-paws need to be divided up, and when is it usually done (they are new plants to me)? Ha, ha, no, the little turquoise dab in the middle should cover the entire flower….. that’s what I’m missing! I will order another and hope that it is a turquoise one this time.

  3. That’s a beautiful ixia! I am not familiar with bidens, but mistook it for a coreopsis. I see they are indeed related. It’s very pretty.
    And if I may use the name of the plant out of context… Go Biden!

    • I have always know Bidens as the weed (called cobbler’s pegs in Australia), so when I saw the cultivars I was impressed by their colours. Hopefully the plants will prove to be as tough as the weeds!

  4. The ixia is a very beautiful flower and the kangaroo paw, one I grew from seed some years back but it wouldn’t persist as a garden plant here in Ireland and would die of neglect as a pot plant!

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