Six on Saturday – W1/2021 – Cheers!

Happy New Year wishes to everyone! I’m sure we are all hoping that this new year will be an improvement on 2020!

Let us begin 2021 on a cheerful note! I wandered around the garden this morning, dodging a short shower and looking for some cheering things. This is what I found!

Firstly, some stunning foliage from two Coleus plants. The pinkish one was bought locally at a market, and is delightfully colourful! I’ve featured it before, but can not help sharing it with you again. The second one is a gorgeous yellow. Within the next couple of months I will be propagating more of both plants from cuttings.

Coleus with pretty pink yellow, green and deep burgundy colours
Coleus with yellow foliage

2. This Eucomis is looking spectacular! It is a shade loving plant and is growing in a pot and doing very well. I have another Eucomis plant with a long flowering spike, but the tiny flowers have not opened as yet.

Eucomis growing in a large pot
Eucomis – the pineapple flower

3. This Hibiscus has put on a show this summer. It is a beautiful single pink, opening to about the size of a hand. It is growing in the shade of a Tibouchina tree, and luckily seems to be surviving despite the dense root growth of the tree.

4. Another leek flower has opened, bringing joy to us. There are usually some larger black ants to be seen on the flowers.

This photo was taken a week ago
Today it has opened more and the individual flowers are opening

5. The Echinacea is looking spectacular with some purple Polygala behind it.

6. We have been graced with the very cheerful sound of happy Rainbow Lorikeets who are engaged in a feeding frenzy on the Eucalyptus trees across the road. Every now and then a flock of twenty or so birds will take off chattering and calling out loudly to each other. They dive down from the immensely tall trees and swoop off into the distance. The Eucalyptus flowers have provided food to birds and flying foxes for a couple of week’s already.

Tall Eucalyptus trees in full flower across the road
Closer view of a Rainbow Lorikeet feasting on the flowers
Closer view of a Scaly breasted Lorikeet feasting on the flowers

I’m looking forward to seeing what delights other gardeners find in their gardens today. This is made possible by visiting The Propagator’s ‘Six on Saturday’ and following the links to other contributors in the comments section! There is enough reading there to keep you happy for hours! Until next Saturday, happy gardening, and stay safe.


  1. Lovely to see the summer flowers in your garden at a time when mine looks like a frozen wasteland The Eucomis flowers are beautiful, and much as I’d love to grow Hibiscus, it wood’s survive here. The Echinacea don’t like my heavy wet clay soil, but I really must try to create a little spot in the garden where they would thrive. Yours are looking great.

  2. It’s just lovely to see the colour of summer in your garden. Ery dreary here and not much sign of spring just yet.

  3. I love the way I get five things that are familiar, OK the Eucomis may be a shade plant for you but wants full sun here and the Hibiscus would be a house plant variety here: then bam! Lorikeets in flower laden Eucalyptus, as alien and exotic as it gets. Perfect!

    • We cannot believe how beautiful the leek flowers are. It was pure chance that the leeks bolted, and we just decided to let them flower. So glad we did! I too love the Echinacea flowers. Their structure is amazing!

    • The Coleus bring in a lot of colour to the garden during summer, which is why I love them. Eucomis are a long time favourite of mine! I recently bought one with a brown foliage, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s flowers will look like next year.

  4. I enjoyed the close up of the Eucomis flowers and the unveiling of the leek flower. Wonderful to see wildlife interacting with the habitat that one’s garden provides.

    • We do get a lot of wildlife in our garden as we are fairly close to a National Park. Those Lorikeets are in the tall trees just across the road from us. Those trees attract different birds during the year, which is a bonus.

  5. I love hibiscus as you’ve probably noticed from the pictures I share on my blog. I like the Coleus they have such colourful leaves. Happy New Year!

    • Yes, I have noticed that you love Hibiscus too! Your plants are looking great! The Coleus are great ‘filler’ plants in my garden, and add lovely colours to the summer garden! Happy New Year to you too!

  6. My favorite color in the garden is LIME GREEN and white! So your coleus caught my eye and those big alliums too! But, you called them leeks so you should know!

  7. The coleus bring back childhood memories of a long-dead dear aunt who always grew them on her windowsills. They are making a fashionable return.

  8. That yellow coleus is rather fabulous. I’m hoping to grow some from seed next year and so far have only seen mixed selections in the packets. I wonder if any will be yellow…

  9. I do love Eucalyptus trees, they shimmer so wonderfully in the sunshine. A very cheerful post all round! Those leek flowers are very lovely (am a fan of all alliums), though it must be hard deciding which to eat and which to let flower!

    • Yes, the Eucalypts are great! They are very interesting trees in that they have just finished shedding their old bark, and have lovely shiny trunks and branches again! The only downside is that all that bark accumulates on the ground and results in an increase in the amount of burnable litter (fuel) for bush fires.

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