Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – Brown – Patterns and shapes in nature

This year I’m joining in to take part in the Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021, hosted by HeyJude at TRAVEL WORDS. The challenge for January is the colour brown. Here are some of the lovely brown patterns and shapes found in nature. I have turned on the image lightbox so that you can click on an individual image to see it in more detail.

Images include weathered rock at Point Perry, Qld; Massive termite mound near Mareeba, Qld; Fruit pod, Noosa Botanical Gardens, Qld; Rock in Magaliesburg, South Africa; Fig tree roots, Qld, Australia.

The ET-like rock is a scan of a photo I took way back in the late 1970’s, prior to digital photography.


  1. A lovely selection of natural browns. Thank you! I particularly like that seed pod nestled within the brown leaves. Great colours and textures.

    • The termite mound was almost my height! I have another photo of it with me standing next to it. I was however in a bright red jacket, which would have detracted from the brown, so I did not include that photo this time! The weathered rock is one of my all time favourite photos!

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