Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – Yellow (1) – Yellow in Landscapes

Accepting the February Life in Colour Photo Challenge hosted by HeyJude at TRAVEL WORD, I have gathered together some photos of landscapes which include yellow. The first photo is of lichen covered rocks, Kruger National Park.

Exposed rocks covered in lichen
Photo taken from a car while travelling through the Karoo. I have no idea what the bushes are.
A flowering Feather Duster tree, Schizolobium parahyba growing in Nambour, Queensland
Photo taken through the front window of a moving car heading up to the Blackall Range: the invasive weed, Japanese Sunflower or Railway Daisy, Tithonia diversifolia
One of my favourite places, and one of my favourite photos, Midmar Dam at the start of autumn


    • Spring is fast approaching for you now, and your monochrome’s will soon take on vibrant flushes of colour. Something to look forward to. I have been enjoying the monochrome photos that other bloggers have posted. Our winters don’t get as cold, so we don’t get to see the beauty of fallen snow.

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