Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – Yellow (2) – Birds

Joining in with the February Life in Colour Photo Challenge hosted by HeyJude at TRAVEL WORLD, I have a couple of photos of yellow birds.

This predominantly yellow, male Spottedbacked Weaver bird, collecting grass to weave his nest. Photo taken at a bird hide in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Spottedbacked Weaver

There is lots of yellow in this immature male Olive-backed Sunbird that I spotted in Mackay, Queensland. It was sitting in a rather odd position in a shrub. When I first noticed it I thought it was injured, but it was actually sun bathing, and obviously hot, seeing as its beak was open!!

An immature male Olive-backed Sunbird

This Pale-headed Rosella was enjoying eating the seeds of the Butterfly Bush, Gaura, in the garden. The feathers on their backs are predominantly yellow.

Pale-headed Rosella

The last two images are of the noisy Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, both taken in Yeppoon, Queensland. The second Cockatoo picture is unfortunately not good quality, but shows the slight yellow blush of feathers over his ear, and the lovely yellow crest. This Cockatoo was sitting on my washing line, within a meter or two of me, and unperturbed by the camera.


  1. What lovely birds. That posture of the sunbathing sunbird is extraordinary. I once saw a sunbird sunbathing in a shrub in the garden here, and I also thought it was ill as it was lying down in on a leafy branch in a kind of exaggerated prone position that looked most odd. It also stayed in its odd position for some time before returning to normal and was absolutely fine! The pale-headed rosella is particularly lovely. The cockatoos are such extravagant birds – I was rather dismayed to find when we visited Sydney how disliked they are by some people.

  2. beautiful birds! The Pale-headed Rosella looks very much like a budgerigar, but I guess larger? The sunbird pose is fascinating. And the photos of the cockatoos are lovely. Noisy birds though!

    • Yes, I think that the Rosella is slightly larger than a budgerigar, but not by much. The sunbird was amazing, and held that pose for quite some time, which led me to think it was injured. But no, it was just sun baking. The cockatoos are really raucous, especially in large groups. We have the Yellow tailed black cockatoos here, which is a real privilege, and their cries are more gentle, as is their flight pattern. It is a pity that I do not have any good photos of them.

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