Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – Green (1) – verdigris patina

I’m taking part in the monthly Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 initiated by HeyJude at Travel Words.

Although there is LOTS of green colour about, trying to find one that is unique and not nature-related has been difficult!! The majority of the photos I take are nature-based. However, after carefully looking through my archive of photos I have finally found a few that I hope will do. I will start the Green Challenge by featuring some photos of objects with a verdigris patina.

Street art in Montville
Dome on Flinders Station in Melbourne

Followed by a quirky side to Brisbane, painted in green! There are six different animal cast bronze sculptures created by artist Fred Whitehouse that decorate some of the street lamps in Adelaide Street in Brisbane. There is a snake, frog, possum, flying fox, goanna and a bird. They have been there since 1966, but most people walking past do not notice them or realize they are there.

Street lamp art in Adelaide Street, Brisbane


  1. I know very little about Brisbane but those street lamps are great! And I love the soulful expressions on those patina’d frogs too 🙂 🙂

  2. Great selections! Creative stree art and the Dome is stunning. I love the street lamp especially.

  3. Oh these are fabulous examples. I particularly like the street lamp frog. If I ever get to Brisbane I must look out for those. 😊

    • Thanks! Those street lamps are unique. It was funny seeing people’s expressions when they saw me focusing the camera on a street lamp! A look of astonishment followed when they saw the animals.

      • We have a few with watering cans attached but they are quite noticeable. Still, so many people walk around and never look up! I shall have to ask my son if he has seen yours.

        • When I Googled info on the lamps I came across a very interesting blog on street art by a lady blogger. Some of the art I have never seen……I think I need to visit Brisbane again and do a walking tour through the city!

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