Six on Saturday- W15/2021 – The sun is out…..and its bath time!

After the lengthy spell of rain, the sun is finally shining for us. It will take a few days for everything to dry out, and it will be good to get out into the garden again to catch up on all the chores that have been neglected because of the rain. But first things first! It is time for this weeks Six on Saturday! Thanks to The Propagator for hosting the Six on Saturday. Have a look at the links in the comments section of his blog and join in the fun!

I’m thrilled to see that the ground cover (unfortunately I do not know its botanical name) is full of buds. I took cuttings from a plant at work last year after noticing that the Forest Brown butterflies were attracted to the flowers. As our garden is close to the forest I was hoping that these plants would attract the Forest Browns to our garden too! I will keep you posted on this!

2. Some bright colour in the garden is being provided by the Polyanthus Rose.

3. A new plant for me is Mina lobata. This annual from the morning glory family is flowering nicely at the moment. I have two plants, one out the back and one that has climbed the pergola out front. I will be planting out a Clematis montana and another climbing rose which will hopefully cover the pergola in the not too distant future. Adding Mina lobata vines to the mix should provide a lovely display.

4. While the polyanthus provides some colour, this Osmanthus fragrans provides some lovely perfume to its corner of the garden. Despite the flowers being so small, they certainly provide a punch in the scent department!

5. The Chinese hat plant, Holmskoldia sanguinea ‘Citrina’, is flowering nicely too.

6. And finally, a near disaster has been averted! Specks the chicken decided that my pot of newly planted out Primula malacoides would be the ideal spot for a sand bath! I found the tiny seedlings strewn around the pot. I quickly repotted them and put them in a safe place to recover. Although I have lost a couple of plants, most have bounced back – see photo below.

In order to prevent this from happening again I decided to purchase an identical pot and fill it with a sandy mix especially for Specks – see below!

Did it work?

She is ruffling the sand through her feathers, having a whale of a time!
Oops! She spotted me!
She is not sharing her sand bath with me!

That is it from me for the this week’s Six on Saturday! I hope everyone has a good gardening week!


  1. Mina Lobata looks great. Also called Spanish Flag, apparently. My seeds are still tiny. Not sure if our climate will be warm enough for it to thrive.

  2. Love the sand bath idea, I will try that with my chickens, we have decided to get new ones and so hopefully will be featuring them in a couple of weeks or so 🙂 Mina lobata/Ipomea lobata makes an interesting climber. I suppose it likes the heat?

    • Your chickens will love a sand bath! I’m looking forward to seeing your new chickens. I’m pretty sure one of the UK SoS’ers featured it in one of their posts, and that is what inspired me to look for seed. It might do well where you are too. It is only an annual climber. I have no idea whether it needs heat or not. It tolerated our summer, but only began flowering once temperatures dropped.

  3. I love the way you thought ‘outside’ the box to provide an alternative sandbox for your chicken. I’d love a couple of chickens but it is just not practical.

  4. I really like the look of the unidentified groundcover. The mina lobata is lovely. That’s one I have been meaning to try.

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