The songs of the Currawongs

At this time of the year the calls of Currawongs fill the morning air in the tall gum trees about 5 houses away. However, these birds decided to frolic and call in the trees across the road one day last week, and this is what it sounded like:

Pied Currawongs are about the size of a crow, and are mostly black with some white markings under their tails and on their wing tips. These birds have bright yellow eyes and a thick bill. Although these birds can be migratory in certain areas in the cooler seasons, there are some that are resident in our area. I can only assume that the large number of birds at the moment are due to migrants. These larger numbers of birds congregate prior to the breeding season (July to January).

Five Currawong and two Kookaburras


Birds in Backyards:


  1. I enjoyed hearing the calls – we were fascinated by the Currawongs we saw and heard when we visited rellies in Australia a few years back. I love the pic of them with the two Kookaburras too. Actually we encountered many fascinating and beautiful birds on our visit …

    • The bird life is really amazing here, and I have yet to learn the names of some of the tiny birds that inhabit the local forest. They are so difficult to photograph as they flit in and out of the foliage.

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