Six on Saturday- W24/2021 – Revamping the front arch

This week’s post is about another project that we recently completed! You might recall an earlier post (SOS-W6/2020) where we closed off the pedestrian entry to the garden as some beneficial wasps were nesting right where visitors walked. The wasps spent one season there, and although they did not return, we decided to keep this entry closed.

1. The trellis supporting the old white Banksia Rose however needed replacing/supporting as it was old and had started to rot in places.

2. After much debate Mr S decided not to replace the entire structure so as to save the rose. He decided to attach new timber to strengthen the structure. By doing it this way we would not have to support a very heavy plant while trying to construct a new arch.

3. Mr S measured up the trellis, sourced old hardwood timber, painted it and set to and repaired and strengthened the arch.

4. The next debate was around what to type of screening to place at the roadside end to close off the arch. The screen that was initially put in was a white aluminium trellis, but we had seen some decorative recycled plastic screening that we thought might do the trick. We put each screen in place to see compare how each looked.

5. The black plastic screening won as it gave a nicer ‘view’ when looking through it from the road side, and it looked more natural with its stem and leaf shapes. It also adds to the shadows created by the banksia.

6. To complete the project we have put a large pot of impatiens and the smaller birdbath in front of it. The little alcove looks really lovely at the moment.

Now that I have completed my Six on Saturday for this week it is time to take a look and see what is going on in other gardens. The Propagator hosts the Six on Saturday meme, and gardeners from around the world participate. Pop over to his blog to find out more.

Wishing everyone a fruitful gardening week!


  1. How wonderful that you were protected the wasps’ nest (and pedestrian visitors too!). I hope that at some stage the wasps return and nest in your garden. The new front arch area looks great. Btw, I also find the ‘Like’ button is not available – it just says ‘Loading …’. Not sure how this can be fixed!

    • The wasps proved to be very interesting to us, but many an eyebrow was raised by locals when they heard that we were protecting wasps! I wonder why the like button is not working? Im not that techy so it might take a while for me to sort that out. Thanks for letting me know about it.

      • So incredible how so many people are so hostile to creatures that they don’t bother to gain any understanding of. When we had our hail-damaged roof repaired a few months back the builders were incredulous that we did not have any insecticide spray to lend them. We suggested that they use a hosepipe to chase off any unwanted insects using a spray of water. Sadly, the next day we found a discarded spray can of insecticide in a flower bed, so they had got their own insecticide and gone ahead and poisoned willy nilly anyway. No wonder the insecticide is called Doom.
        Perhaps a WordPress person or forum can advise on the ‘like’ function?

  2. As Paddy says that is one very big rose! I imagine it is very heavy. I like the screen too, and it should last a fair while compared to wooden trellising. Well done both of you for a good job.

  3. It looks beautiful, and not like it’s plastic at all! It looks like metal. I wish I could find something like that, multiples of them!

  4. A great week’s work, and worth marking on you blog. I too very much like the screen.

  5. I like the screen. Did it come from a well-known hardware store chain?! We’ve been thinking about something similar to cover our colourbond fences.

    • Yes it came from that well-know hardware store chain! There are lovely designs to choose from, and they have a 15yr structural warranty. They should look great against your fence!

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