Six on Saturday – W26/2021 – There is a lot of munching going on outside!

It’s been a wet lockdown week, but thankfully we are now out of the three day lockdown just in time for the weekend! It is predicted to be a wet weekend, and we have a week of clear weather to look forward to next week. I need to complete all my ‘inside’ tasks this weekend so that I can catch up on all outstanding tasks outside next week. And now, without further ado, let’s join in with this weeks Six on Saturday, c/of the Propagator!

There is a continual crunching and chomping noise outside, accompanied by the sound of falling twigs. If you look up into the tall gums across the road, you will see the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos having a feast!

Back in the garden, there are some interesting things to see. Firstly, the Dombeya is nearing the end of its flowering period, and it looks lovely with its mix of white flowers and brown crispy calyces around the light green/brown developing seed pods. The branches are weighed down (especially in the rain) by the weight of the flowers and developing seed at their tips.

The two old Camellia shrubs are flowering profusely and the flowers are beginning to fall off and starting to create a lovely carpet of colour under each shrub.

Now that the very pretty and prolifically flowering pink Strobilanthes cusia has finished flowering, this delicate white Strobilanthes anisophylla ‘Goldfussia’ has stolen the spotlight. Unfortunately the flowers look worse for wear because of the heavy rain.

Also flowering is the Michelia (hopefully I have the correct genus name?) I rescued from the bargain bin at my local nursery. It came unnamed. The plant is now half a metre in height and has lots of buds on it.

The hanging baskets holding the Nodding Violet Streptocarpus caulensis always look good at this time of year. It is an easy plant to propagate and grow.

Next up is ……Oh! What’s that? I have my Six already? Well, I guess I had better get on and publish this post then! Take a look at other gardens by popping over to The Prop’s blog and checking the comments section.


  1. Haha… the sulphur crested cockatoos we were talking about! Heavy rain isn’t good for any garden – we have had some recently too which damaged all the roses. I do hope we get some summer weather soon!

  2. Michelia has been lumped in with Magnolia now but your plant looks an awful lot like a Camellia, possibly ‘Fairy Blush’, in that there is a Michelia/Magnolia ‘Fairy White’, with which it might get confused. I’m very envious of your Strobilanthes, I have tried and failed more than once to grow one.

    • Thanks for your input into the Michelia. I wondered if it was a Camelia. I will check with the local nursery as the lady there would possibly remember what they had in stock. The Strobilanthes look delicate, but all three varieties that I grow seem to be very hardy! They also seem to tolerate the heat and humidity here. What a pity they don’t do well for you.

  3. Very pretty Camellias. It’s odd how they drop their flowers while they still look perfect. The children always used to pick them up from the ground in National Trust gardens and the like and I would worry they would get told off for picking them. The Strobilanthes still looks good despite the rain.

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