Six on Saturday – W29/2021 – Colour in July

During winter any form of colour is a welcome sight. Usually at this time of year winter gardening is brightened even more by the Queensland Garden Expo, where you can lose yourself in amongst bright new plants from nurseries, talks by experts, and demonstrations. Last year’s Expo was cancelled, and it was touch and go for this year’s event, but it went ahead last weekend. Unfortunately I missed out on a really great Expo as I had decided not to risk being in large crowds but to rather stay at home. Melbourne and Sydney are in lockdown as the numbers of infections increase, and we are to be masked for another week. Back to gardening, this week’s Six is all about some of the colour in my winter garden. Join the other Six’s at the Propagator’s blog, where you can find links to their gardens in the comments section.

First up are the jonquils, Narcissus jonquilla! This year I bought a pack of mixed colours, and potted the bulbs into pots to place around the garden.

2. Next up is the pink Dombeya calanthe. This plant is not as vigorous a grower as the white Dombeya I featured recently, and the plants lanky stems have bowed under the weight of the flower clusters at their tips. Once the shrub has finished flowering I will prune it back quite heavily and hope that it bushes out a bit more.

3. I planted out a few planter boxes with a mix of seedlings to give some colour around the garden, and the plants have filled out and are just beginning to flower.

4. This old metal watering has a huge hole in its base where it rusted, so it has been repurposed as a container for some pretty annuals.

5. There are two bromeliads flowering in the garden. The first is a lovely narrow strappy plant with beautiful dark red leaves. The pale green flowers of this plant emerge from bright red bracts at the end of the inflorescence stem.

6. The second bromeliad, Aechmea fasciata, is my favourite. It has silvery leaves and is also known as Silver King. The flowers are not visible yet, but they will appear between the pretty pink bracts at the end of the inflorescence stalk. The flowers initially look like little purple bubbles before opening.

Gardening here will be slow going next week as it is predicted to be COLD! I think time will be best spent looking at the other Six’s gardens, especially the summer gardens of the northern hemisphere. Happy gardening to all!


  1. That rusted watering can has been given a new life. Lovely colour and goes really well with the blue. The handle & spout look as new. Bravo!
    Jonquilla is also a lovely thing.

  2. Gorgeous bromeliads, I love the drama of the dark red one with bright lime green flowers. You have done well to get quite a lot of cheerful colour in winter, narcissi and violas do that do well. Sorry to hear infections are going up, it seems Covid hasn’t run its course yet and what a pity re the show – we still aren’t able to visit the UK…very frustrating. Let’s hope by next year things will go back to normal.

    • Yes, I don’t think the virus has run its course yet. I can imagine how frustrating it would be for you trying to visit the UK. I certainly won’t be seeing my brother and his family for a while. ☹️

    • Thank you. The rain played havoc with the garden this winter, but luckily there is at least some colour there to cheer us up! And the sun is shining today (Sunday) which should warm everything up!

  3. You have a lot of pretty flowers in your winter garden. The dombeya is one I don’t know and will have to look into. Spring is coming. Stay safe.

    • The garden would be so dull at this time of year without the little splashes of colour! The bees especially love the white Dombeya flowers more than the pink ones. Ah spring! It is the best time of year!

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