Six on Saturday- W32/2021 – A hint of spring

For many year the perfume of Jasminum polyanthum has been for me the first hint of spring. Since moving to the Sunshine Coast, and having lost a J. polyanthum plant (which in hindsight was probably a good thing as they can be invasive), the first hints of spring in the garden are the newly emerging leaves on the native red cedar tree. As if reinforcing this thought, the jasmine at work is covered with buds, and some of the highly perfumed flowers have opened to release their delicious scent! Definitely Two a hint of spring in the air!

1 Last week I noticed the plump leaf buds on the large red cedar tree, Toona ciliata, were just starting to open. This tree is just outside our garden. This week the tree has a distinct burnished look to it as even more buds have opened to release their leaves.

2. Yet another plant that is springing to life is the potted pineapple flowers, Eucomis. I guess I should have divided up these plants a few weeks ago! I did not realise how many there were in the pot. I might get away with dividing up the clump if I do it within the coming week…..

3. The bees are flocking to the Tat Soi plant in the vegetable garden. The flowers are bee magnets, and seem to prefer these flowers to the equally yellow Chinese cabbage and Bok Choi, which do not get visited as much.

4. The pelargoniums do well from now until the first heat arrives, and I have some lovely specimens in the garden. These are flowering now, while other varieties will flower a little later.

5. The potted Finger Lime, Citrus australasica, has a few buds on it this year. These plants are native to Australia, and their finger sized fruit has a powerhouse of tiny round vesicles which explode with an intense lime flavour when you pop them in your mouth. The tiny balls of flavour are great sprinkled on salads, deserts and drinks.

6. I’m ending this week’s Six with yet another indication the spring is sneaking up on us. The large purple mist bush, Eupatorium megalophyllum, should be ready to flower within the next few weeks, as it’s flower buds are filling out nicely. The buds themselves are quite an attractive colour, contrasting nicely to the textured leaved which are clustered at the tips of the branches. I’m looking forward to them opening to release their gorgeous flowers!

That’s my Six for the week, and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy a leisurely read of other contributors posts from around the world. The links are in the comments section of the latest post from the Propagator!

I hope it is a happy gardening week for all!


  1. I was wondering what the right number of Eucomis bulbs to a pot is. I put three bulbs in a similar sized pot to yours and thought they might need more space – not sure really! The purple mist bush looks interesting. Enjoy the signs of spring, the unfurling of leaves is lovely, isn’t it?

    • Spring is my favourite season. I love watching all the plants come to life again. I think I originally had only one plant in the pot, given the size of their leaves and the way they spread out. I will probably sub-divide and only plant a single bulb per pot again. They are lovely plants, aren’t they? Once the mist bush flower buds open I will feature them in a post. They are really pretty!

  2. Those finger limes sound great! I agree about the hint of spring, even if we are rather further west than you 😉

    • The finger limes are amazing! Spring is my favourite time of year. I had a read of your blog, and was envious of your lovely crop of peas! We had no success with either peas or beans this year, but hope that at least the broad beans get growing. I hope my response to your blog got through? I always have a problem trying to comment on blogspot blogs for som reason. Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

    • Thanks so much. I was amazed it came out so well. The bees are quite frantic on the flowers and do not sit still. Spring is your favourite time of year. So much to do in the garden, and plants coming to life again.

  3. This is such a time of anticipation for us. Wondering what the coming seasons will produce. What great gardening weather we are having at the moment, love this season.

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