Six on Saturday – W33/2021 – A little maintenance

This week has seen some long overdue maintenance taking place in the back garden, where we have turned an under-utilised shady area into a more functional space for a small plant growing area and for tumeric and ginger crops.

This area is on the northerly boundary, normally the hottest side of the garden, but it is shaded by the neighbours very tall Lilly Pilly hedge. The roots from this hedge grow up through the slightly raised garden bed, and outcompete the vegetables planted there. We decided to convert the rear of the bed into a nursery area, and kept a narrow portion of the front of the bed for the more shade tolerant vegetables.

I cleared the weeds and removed the top layer of soil, put down weedmat, demarcated the area with bricks, then put down forest mulch.

Mr S was also busy this week, adding another raised garden bed at the side of the shed. This will be used for vegetables.

This is an ideal time of year to put in new plants, and I bought a few larger hedging shrubs to add to the southern border of the garden where I plan to create an informal hedge of predominantly native plants. I bought a couple of Syzgium, S. australe “Boonjee’ and ‘Backyard Bliss‘, both natives, plus Viburnum ordoratissimum, Ixora ‘Prince of Orange’ and Carissa grandiflora which are dense hedging plants.

Local gardeners are equally busy in their gardens, and on our daily afternoon walks we have been able to help ourselves to some of the excess plants placed on the footpath for anyone to help themselves to. I scored a few Clivia, variegated bromeliads and some Hippeastrum bulbs this week, all of which will be planted this weekend.


It is also a good time of year to strike cuttings, and I have taken some Photinia, Panama Rose, and pink Dombeya cuttings to strike. The white Dombeya needs to be cut back, but I will wait another month to do that as all the cuttings pots are full!

Although not a colourful post this week, I am sure that the other Six’s will more than make up for it! Why not take a look at the Propagator’s latest post, and view all the links to other gardeners in the comments section.

Wishing you all a Happy Gardening week!


  1. A busy and productive week. I too like the raised bed. I think I shall get metal raised beds to replace my wooden ones which are now rotting and splitting. Smaller ones will be easier to separate the herbs too. I like the fact that your neighbours leave ‘spares’ for collection. Unfortunately I live in a very small hamlet with less than 20 houses!

  2. I do love a nice project! And I also love to hear about your native planting. All looking good. Like Graeme, you have reminded me to take some cuttings.

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