Life in Colour Challenge 2021 – August – Canopies

Yet another contribution to this month’s theme colour of RED, all involving canopies! Thanks to HeyJude from TRAVELWORDS for hosting this challenge!

Cairns Botanical Gardens: Red pole canopy, with red Bougainvillea on either side of the supporting posts
Railway underpass, Rockhampton, covered by a magnificent Bougainvillea
The brilliant scarlet tree canopy of a Poinciana tree, Delonix regia, midway between Yeppoon and Rockhampton. Unfortunately the tree has been removed.


  1. What an exotic range of red canopies – in the U.K. this summer has been somewhat disappointing in the weather front, but I can feel the heat from your brilliant gallery from here!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. The removal of that spectacular tree is such a shame!

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