Six on Saturday- W34/2021 – Some colour in August, with a promise of more to come!

The garden is slowly coming to life as the daytime temperatures start increasing, and there is the promise of colour out there as leaf and flower buds appear. It is all very cheering to see, so let’s take a stroll along the garden paths to see what we can find.

1 The Amaryllis hippeastrum flower buds are beginning to emerge, with the promise of some delightfully bold flowers. The darker bud will probably become a red flower, while the lighter one should be white (according to the label).

2. A couple of Tritelia Spring Stars have started to bloom. I have two pots of these bulbs. Many were freebies with online purchases. Having seen how these plants multiply in one season, I now realise why they were being given away!

3. Flower buds have appeared on my Magnolia (the one I nearly removed a couple of years ago not realising what it was).

4. The recently pruned roses are suddenly covered the healthy new growth. This burgundy coloured new growth is Blossomtime.

5. Unknown succulent that has been ablaze with colour for over a month now. I bought it from a garage sale, and it is growing quite happily in a pot.

6. Lavender. This tiny weedy plant has survived one harsh summer and now has buds. Being an avid lavender fan, I am thrilled! Sadly, none of the other lavenders I have planted over the years survived.

That’s my Six for the week. The Propagator hosts the weekly Six on Saturday, and links to other Six’s can be found in the comments section of his posts. Better still, why not join in?


  1. Great that spring is just round the corner (for you!), those spring star flowers are very pretty. Good luck with the lavender, I understand why you want it to succeed.

    • My garden is slowly knitting together, so hopefully there will be a space with a suitable microclimate that will allow me to grow a lavender. Humidity is a problem here, yet one of the local restaurants has them growing successfully outside.

    • My narcissi flowered really early this year, and some have seed pods now. I wish they had waited a little longer to flower. They are such cheerful flowers!

  2. Lovely to see spring has sprung. I’ve never had any success with lavender either, like me it hates the humidity…🙄

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