Six on Saturday – W35/2021 – Vegetables in August

This month saw the addition of two new raised garden beds, which will be especially good for those winter vegetables needing more sun. The vegetables are all perking up again, and we have sown additional seeds and planted out more seedlings. Here are some of August’s highlights.

1 Our vegetable garden receives very little sun during winter, due to the very tall hedge and large tree on the northern side of garden. We extend the vegetable garden, and put in two new raised beds in a sunnier area. One new raised bed was placed next to the large shed, and another was squeezed in between an existing bed and the rain water tank. It is an odd shape, but makes good use of an otherwise under-utilised area. Mr S put in snow peas against the trellis, while lettuce and Bok Choi have been planted in the bed.

2. Tomatoes have been a disaster this year, and not even the prolific cherry tomatoes have done well. In desperation we bought a mix of grape and round tomato seedlings, and planted them out as the wet weather eased, and these have grown well and started producing fruit. Just in front of the tomato plants are capsicums which should be ready for harvest next month.

3. This year’s crop of watermelon radish is doing extremely well, and we have had a steady supply. The pretty pinkish flesh of the radish looks lovely in a salad, and the mild taste is refreshing.

4. Leafy greens still abound in the vegetable patch, although some (Tat Soi, Bok Choi, Chinese Cabbage and Rocket) have started flowering, much to the delight of the bees! Seed pods are already forming on these plants, and when the plant starts dying back we will harvest the seeds.

The native bees love the Rocket flowers

5. Earlier this month we harvested, boiled, sliced, dried and ground turmeric. Newly harvested turmeric has a really ‘earthy’ smell to it, and we read that boiling the tubers for 30 minutes removes the smell and gives the final product a more uniform golden colour, without destroying its nutrient value. The results of this years’ harvest have been great.

6. We harvested our first cauliflower of the season this week.

As usual I’m joining other participants in Six on Saturday, hosted by the Propagator! Why not take a peek and see what it’s all about.

Hope you have a fruitful gardening week!


  1. Your vegetable gardening is most inspiring, though I realise that hard work is even more important than inspiration! The turmeric root is very interesting.

    • Mr S loves growing vegetables and his veggie patch is his pride and joy! Weather and pests are challenging! It is great to grow, harvest and eat ones own produce! We had way too much turmeric this year, and only needed to dry half of our crop. The pots of turmeric are ready for the new growing season!

      • The veggie patch is more than worthy of pride and must be a great source of joy as well as delicious nourishment!
        I have never thought about growing turmeric and you have inspired me to look into it. Thanks.

  2. Lovely vegetables you have there, and I have never seen turmeric like that, having been pulled up! How interesting!

  3. What a marvellously productive garden you have. I’m amazed at the produce you’re growing right now. I wouldn’t be able to plant a tomato until at least October, as we will still have the possibility of frosts for the next month. Did the boiling of the turmeric work?
    I have finally planted the Helenium seeds, so hopefully will have some news on them before too long.

    • Gardening in tropical and subtropical climates is so different because of the warmer winters, and for us it is the best time of the year for growing vegetables. I’m used to dealing with a colder winter, while Mr S is used to the Rockhampton climate, so moving here has thrown us both. It’s been a learning curve for both of us as to what veggies to grow when. We’re also lucky that we do not get frosts where we are.
      Yes, the boiling of the turmeric seems to have worked, and we have a number of bottles of powdered turmeric now.
      I was thinking about the Helenium seed. I divided up my one plant and the pups seem to be doing alright. I must get around to sowing some seeds. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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