Six on Saturday – W37/2021 – Tweets in the Garden!

There is a lot of tweeting, chirping and squawking going on in the garden this week. The resident Noisy Miners (Mickeys) have been nesting in the Fiddlewood tree on the verge outside the garden, and the eggs have hatched. There are at least two little birds in the nest, and they are forever calling out to the parents for food! The parents are run ragged watching out for foes and sourcing food for the little ones.

Noisy Miner nest with hatched young
Parent Noisy Miner feeding on the Callistemon (bottlebrush)

2. From birds to this new-to-the-garden butterfly! It is a Common Pencil-blue, Candalides absimilis, found at rainforest edges, and their host plants include Tuckeroo, Tulipwood and the native wisterias.

3. Now that the Batrlettina (Eupatorium – featured last week) flowers are beginning to fade, the pollinators are looking elsewhere for suitable flowers, and are now vising the Echium! Pollinators include butterflies, native stingless bees and honey bees.

4. Up next is a native plant, Goodenia ovata, the hop Goodenia. This little plant was planted as tubestock earlier in the year, and now that the weather is warming up it has put on quite a bit of growth. It grows to about 1m and spreads up to 3m. It also attracts native pollinators, although I have not noticed any on the flowers yet.

5. Right in front of the Goodenia is a new compact Kangaroo Paw, Anigozanthos hybrid ‘Bush Inferno’. This plant was planted out a couple of months ago, and now has a mass of flowering spikes on it. The label says that it is a prolific flowerer throughout the warmer months. Kangaroo Paws flowers attract native birds.

6. The final one for this week is a crazy mixed pot! A few months ago I planted out a young Mackaya bella shrub into the centre of a large pot then added some Tritelia Spring Stars around the Mackaya. What I had forgotten was that the pot had been previously used for the cascade Petunia, and it had self seeded! This is what the pot looks like now!

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  1. Kangaroo Paws, what a sweet name 🙂 and the flowers do look like paws. Love those echiums and all the wildlife in your garden, it’s so great that your efforts are being rewarded.

  2. I love it when things such as your petunia pop up unannounced. One of the joys of gardening, I think. It’s nice to have birds nesting in the garden. There has been a Willy wagtail hanging around in ours and I do wish it would stay. We do have noisy miners visiting our garden, and frankly, I wish they wouldn’t as they are so territorial and bully other more desirable birds. Not the Willy wagtail though, it’s quite capable of holding its own. It was very interesting to read about the fiddlewood.

    • Oh lucky you to have a Willy wagtail! There is one at work, and it is quite sweet. Work’s garden is on the margins of rainforest, but has vast expanses of lawn, which I think they like. My garden is possibly too dense to attract one, but I live in hope! I do agree about the Mickeys, but it seems that there is a bit of an equilibrium in the garden amongst the birds…..until a new one appears! I’m hoping that as the shrubs mature more of the shy birds will be attracted and protected by the denser foliage. As for the surprises in the garden, I love them too! You never know what you will find.

  3. Your echiums are a fantastic colour! I have a Kangaroo Paws – sadly your native birds haven’t discovered it yet! 😂

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