Life in Colour Photo Challenge 2021 – September – Gold

HeyJude from TravelWords has challenged us to find GOLD in our world! That is a difficult colour to find here in Australia, but I have managed to find some photos with some golden tones.

Road trip! Golden early morning light reflection off the road
Golden mosaics representing the sun in an ANZAC memorial in Rockhampton
Grevillea – possibly ‘Golden Lyre’, with Rainbow Lorikeet
Flowers of a palm in Cairns Botanic Gardens
Tabebuia flowering. In the late afternoon light the flowers appear to be more golden in colour


    • Oh gosh! How lovely that must have looked. What a pity you can’t recapture that moment, but persevere and you might just be lucky to get a perfect photo!
      Thanks so much for the link. I’m off to visit you there!

  1. Beautiful photos. I remember the wonderful birds of Australia, especially the rainbow lorikeet. Their personalities are as colorful as their plumage.

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