The passion for gardening started when I was in my teens, leading naturally to my first job – working part-time at a small garden centre. This of course merely encouraged me even more and I would happily plough back 80% of my meagre wages into buying more plants.

Today, in semi-retirement, I can think of nothing better than to garden every spare minute I have. I love adding new plants to my collection, and I still propagate far too many plants for my needs.

I live in the sub-tropics in Australia, where I am creating yet another garden from scratch. Through plant diversity and the use of native plants I hope to encourage pollinators, birds, frogs and reptiles into my garden, and provide them with a safe haven in which to live.

Although my current knowledge of native plants and creatures of Australia is limited, I am slowly learning more about them, and equally slowly my garden will develop into a more natural environment with the majority of plants being native to Australia. The challenge and joy of gardening will never wane, and that is what is keeping me young.

Another passion of mine is photography, and although the photos I take are by no means ‘professional’ I still enjoy capturing moments in photos.

Thank you for viewing my blogs.